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I have wide feet, will these fit me?Updated a year ago

We find that most people, even those with wider feet, can fit into our flip-flops without issue once they adjust the straps and toe pole to suit their feet. Most customers have to stretch the toe pole and strap with their hands, no matter their foot width.

If you have wide feet, it’s quite usual to have a slight overhang on the outside of your feet as seen below. The most important thing is that they feel comfortable and the arch support is correctly positioned. 

Normal overhang


Archies Flip Flops - top view of overhang

Archies Flip Flops should “fit like a glove” with very little space in front of your toes and behind your heels. This will ensure that the arch support is in the correct position on the foot. 

If the strap and or toe pole is too tight and stopping you from getting your foot all the way in, just stretch it with your hands until it fits perfectly. To find out the best way to stretch the strap watch this video below. 

If you need any assistance in finding the correct size or fit, feel free to contact customer support. 

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