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What to do if your heels are sliding out in our slidesUpdated 9 months ago

Twisting (where the heels slide in or out of the back of the slide) is a common issue with slides in general. We've worked extensively on resolving this in our slides and most of our testers who previously twisted in other brands didn't experience this with ours. 

However, in case your heels are twisting out or in, the issue is very easily fixed by stretching the band as usually twisting occurs because one part of the band is tighter than the other. 

Tips from our customers

  • It's much easier to stretch the band when the material is warm. Put it in the sun for a few minutes to warm up and then stretch the band.
  • Stretch the band every time before you wear them - the material is very durable! 

The material is very strong so you can give it a good stretch without worrying about it breaking! 

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