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Refunds for retail purchasesUpdated a year ago

Please contact the retailer for assistance if you would like a refund. 

Unfortunately, we are unable to refund retail purchases. 

However, if the retailer can't assist you, we can offer a store credit for our online store instead.

Conditions for a retail purchase exchange

  • No matter the condition, the customer is covers the return postage cost. 
  • We require proof of purchase before we can arrange an exchange.

How can I exchange my order?

Please contact our customer service team with the following info:

Step 1: The name of the retailer and your proof of purchase

Step 2: Your name and email address

We will then give you the address to post your pair to us. 

You will be responsible for letting us know once it's arrived at the warehouse. We'll require proof of delivery in the form a of screenshot or tracking info.

We will then send you a gift card for the value of your order. 

If you need any assistance, contact our customer support team below.

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